International Eco-Arts Residence “Social Theatre and Gender Equality” in Lecce

July 2023

The last Eco-Arts Residence is carried out in Lecce and its natural parks and begins with online Masterclasses on the main project core areas.
It continues with the last phase of the activities, focusing more on the central figure of Antigone and on the issues of Social Theatre, theatre ecology, gender equality, augmented reality application in performing arts.
The activities of the last Residence include full- immersion rehearsals work for two weeks of the international group of artists in natural places, face-to-face masterclasses, coworking sessions between artists and AVR experts, artistic eco-activities (The Seeds of life, Sunset Walks, Night Wake) with communities, including migrantartists, audience/community engagement actions that aims to enhance the natural, ecological dimension through culture.
At the end of the Residence, the last form of the collective, multi-language, site-specific performance Antigone’s Cantica is presented in the natural environment.


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