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Seeds of life – La Alberca

image The silent walk inside the forest

The Seeds of Life is an intercultural artistic event of Theatre Ecology made at the sunrise or during the day in the natural environment, that imply an intersection of artistic events and eco-activist interventions (cleaning of places, planting of trees, sharing the gift of plant seeds, the care of specific areas). It features the participation of the international artists and of local artists, of artists with migrant background, of local people (with a particular involvement of youth and the elderly) and is made in collaboration with ecological associations.

In the beautiful forest of the Funte Castaño, inside the natural park of Las Batuecas of the Sierra de Francia, some kilometers away from the wonderful picturesque village of La Alberca, that’s sited in the province of Salamanca, it was successfully realized the first eco – activity of the Antigone’s Pride Performing Society project, named as Seeds of Life. The international artistic group composed by artists from numerous countries (Spain, Italy, Poland, Greece, Albania, Iran, Finland, Russia) lead by the artistic director of Astragali Teatro, Fabio Tolledi, together with the scientific group of AVR – Lab of the University of Salento, cultural operators from the partners of the project, such as Alicia Alonso Dance Foundation of the University of Rey Juan Carlos from Madrid, organizer of the Eco – Art Residence in Spain, the Grotowski Institute from Poland and Theatro tsi Zakythos from Greece participated in this ecological activity that was supported also by the Municipality of La Alberca and the Μuseum of Casa del Parque Natural Batuecas Sierra de Francia. The activity started with a silent walk inside the natural park, where the participants had the chance to explore silently but together the amazing place of incomparable scenic value with various trees and plants until they reached the unique place of the Fuente Castaño, where people from the community of L’Alberca shared some important information about the history of the forest, the fauna and the flora of the place, how they take care of it. The activity ended with an open conversation about the importance of the protection of the forest areas, about the procedure of the preparation site-specific performance and how art can play an important role in the enhancement of natural areas.

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The event is finished.

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Apr 22 2023


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La Alberca (Spain)


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