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Performance Cantica Antigonae – La Alberca

At the end of the Residence the collective, multi-language, site-specific performance Cantica Antigonae is presented in the natural environment. All the process of preparation is connected to the specific place and its natural and cultural heritage.

The multilingual performance Cantica Antigonae, directed by Fabio Tolledi, artistic director of Astragali Teatro, was presented successfully at the night of 28th April in the magical place of Funte Castaño, inside the natural park of Las Batuecas of the Sierra de Francia, as a result of the first Eco – Art Residence of Antigone’s Pride Performing Society project with great public participation. The site-specific performance based on the myth of Antigone and especially on the work of the Spanish philosopher Maria Zambrano The tomb of Antigone gained the attention of the public, that was composed by the community of La Alberca. After the performance they expressed their enthusiasm about the theatrical work inside the forest, as it was the first time they were able to have an artistic intervention inside the forest. The performance was multi-lingual, as the artists who participated came from different countries and spoke in their mother language and also in English or Spanish, creating a beautiful mosaic of many cultures. Funeral songs and traditions, poetry, collective singing as a choir, deep contact with nature were important elements of the performance, that inside the dark night of the forest created a ritual atmosphere. Moreover, the projections in the properly constructed screens made by the important work of the scientific group of AVR lab of the University of Salento together with technicians of the Alicia Alonso Dance Foundation functioned in a perfectly harmonized way with the content of the multifaceted performance, with the result that the beauty of the landscape and the poetic dimension of the images created by the artists were highlighted above all. At the end, the audience kindly gave their feedback and shared their comments and their warm welcome about this artistic event.

In the performance the artists who participated are: Ermelinda Bircaj, Luna Amelia Calvo Merino, Iovanna Kapodistria, Mehrzad Kateb, Carla Mazzarrota López, Matteo Mele, Niyayesh Nahavandy, Marta Pilarska, Roberta Quarta, Simonetta Rotundo, Walentyna Sizonenko, Sanna Toivanen, Daniel Villa Fino.

From the Augmented and Virtual Reality Laboratory of the University of Salento  the team included: Lucio De Paolis, Carola Gatto, Sofia Chiarello e Silvia Liaci. From the Alicia Alonso Dance Foundation of the University of Rey Juan Carlos the experts and collaborators were Lewis Llerena Diaz, Alma Llerena Fernandez, Victor Barbera Hernandez, Levant Karatas, David Arcos Cordero. From the Grotowski Institute the expert involved was Jarosław Siejkowski.

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The event is finished.


Apr 28 2023


La Alberca (Spain)

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