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CREON: Your enemy’s never your friend, not even when he’s dead.
ANTIGONE: I was born to join in love, not in hate.

(Antigone by Sophocles)

The project Antigone’s Pride- Performing Society – A.P.P.S. is promoted by Astràgali Teatro- Eufonia soc. coop (Italy), in partnership with the University of Salento- Department of Engineering – Augmented and Virtual Reality Lab (Italy), Fundacion de la Danza “Alicia Alonso” of “Rey Juan Carlos” University of Madrid (Spain), Institute im. Jerzego Grotowskiego (Poland), Theatro Tsi Zakythos (Greece), with the support of the Creative Europe Program.

The project includes a complex of activities aimed at creating innovative models in the field of performing arts, based on environmental and intercultural sustainability and on the co-creation between artists and innovation engineers.

The intercultural and ecological dimension of the project is aimed at providing tools to address the social and economic crisis of the last three years that has forced artists and cultural and creative industries to drastically reduce, and in some cases interrupt, the mobility and interconnection between cultures, knowledge and artistic languages ​​that are the basis of European cultural collaborations.

The project envisages the implementation of three Eco-Arts Residences in three natural parks in Spain, Poland and Italy.

The theatrical ecologycal activity in the parks is connected with the research and experimentation of new forms of site-specific artistic events in the nature and with the creation of the international multilingual performance Antigone’s Cantica with the use of augmented and virtual reality technologies.

The collaboration between artists, engineers, communities in significant naturalistic contexts focuses on an artistic path of intercultural ecology and on the deepening of AVR techniques and knowledge in theatrical ecology.

©2022 - A project by Eufonia Astràgali Teatro with the support of the European Union Culture Program “CREATIVE EUROPE” - P.IVA 03376250753