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Performance Cantica Antigonae - Oasi delle Cesine

Performance Cantica Antigonae – Oasis Le Cesine

On 12 July in the beautiful nature reserve of the Oasis of Le Cesine, the last part of the performance Cantica Antigonae, directed by Fabio Tolledi, was presented. In specific, the multilingual performance, started inside the garden of the traditional building of the Masseria, where the chorus of Antigone’s Cantica started the performance that included songs, poetry and actions, all focused on the myth of Antigone and ON the work of Maria ZambranoThe tomb of Antigone”, together with the version of “Antigone” by Bertolt Brecht. The performance was evolved inside the beautiful natural park of Le Cesine, where the expert team of the Augmented and Virtual Reality Laboratory of the University of Salento made some installations inside the forest that enhanced the poetic and site-specific dimension of the artistic work, with AVR projections on screens of veils and on the trees, creating an imposing atmosphere. The high level artistic work of the polyphonic chorus, the poetical words and the important quantity of songs in many languages and cultures that talked about the war, the immigration, the need to make peace, the scenographic elements and the site-specific aspect worked together in harmony with the extraordinary nature of Le Cesine and provoked the enthusiasm of the audience, that followed the path of Cantica Antigonae. The artists involved in the project created an intervention inside the forest about the myth of Antigone and its anti-war message in a  contemporary vision and spoke in their languages, as they came from many different countries such as Spain, Poland, Italy, Greece, Albania, Burkina Faso, Finland, Iran, Russia.

The performance was directed by Fabio Tolledi. The artists who participated are: Ermelinda Bircaj, Luna Amelia Calvo Merino, Giovanna Kapodistria, Mehrzad Kateb, Carla Mazarrota López, Matteo Mele, Marta Pilarska, Roberta Quarta, Simonetta Rotundo, Walentyna Sizonenko, Anna Cinzia Villani, Hamado Tiemtoré, Mauro Tre, Sanna Toivanen, Daniel Villa Fino. From the AVR – Lab from the University of Salento: Lucio De Paolis, Carola Gatto, Sofia Chiarello, Giada Sumerano. With the organization staff: Ivano Gorgoni, Pierluigi Greco, Marina Colucci, Cosimo Guarini, Lenia Gadaleta.

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The event is finished.


Jul 12 2023


International Residences


Le Cesine, Vernole, LE (Italy)

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