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The seeds of life - Bacino dell'Idume

The seeds of life – Bacino dell’Idume

During the magical dawn of 6th July, around 5 o’clock in the morning, next to the enchanting bay of Bacino dell’ Idume, in the beautiful seaside of Torre Chianca of Lecce, the second eco-art activity “The Seeds of Life: L’Alba dei Poeti” took place, organized by Astràgali Teatro. The event was aimed to raise awareness on the beauty and fragility of our environment, of our Oikos, which was highlighted by poetry. In this unique event, the pianist Mauro Tre (piano) together with Fabio Tolledi (voice), the artistic director of Astragali Teatro, created a special performance focused on the poetry of the great writer Rainer Maria Rilke, having at its core themes related to nature. The initiative excited the audience that, despite the very early hour, was very large. The participants had the chance to live an extraordinary experience for getting in touch with a wonderful seaside place through art and music during this peaceful hour without the noises of everyday life.

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The event is finished.


Jul 06 2023


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Bacino dell’Idume
Torre Chianca

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