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Night wake – La Alberca

image The participants in the Night Wake

Night Wake is an intercultural artistic event made in nature, in the night, where the audience is involved in a different experience of the perception of nature, in a different experience of the time, of the listening, out of the ordinary. The international, migrant and local artists and local people, especially elderly, share songs and stories in the different languages. Listening to the voices of nature, to the singing and narrating voices, observing, living the dark side of nature, in a collective, immersive experience.

During the night of 25th April, the eco – activity, named Night Wake, was made in another part of Las Batuecas of the Sierra di Francia, where the nature is wilder with many different varieties of plants and animals surrounded by beautiful rivers. The activity was organized by Alicia Alonso Dance Foundation. The people had the chance to taste local food and wine, to listen to traditional songs and to share stories and songs from their countries. It was a moment of real conviviality and personal sharing. Also, it was a free mobile phone zone, so the participants could more deeply get in contact with each other, exchange opinions and stories inside the nature.

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The event is finished.

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Apr 25 2023


International Residences


La Alberca (Spain)

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