Theatro tsi Zakynthos (Greece) was established in 1982 and is one of the most active theatrical realities in the Ionian Islands.

It is directed by Kostas Kapodistrias, actor and director in many plays performed all over Greece and abroad.

The work of research of Theatro Tsi Zakynthos concerns theatre and investigation of social fields, trying to delve into the territorial cultural heritage in relation with an active contemporary research.

Nowadays, the theatre is involved in different productions and collaborations with other theatres of the Mediterranean area.

In its theatrical plays it has developed connections between elements of Zakynthian and Ionian islands history and the investigation of the migrant questions as historical and contemporary phenomenon.

The work on theatrical research of Theatro Tsi Zakynthos goes through the field of education, culture, social involvement, all important instruments to set up an intercultural work methodology.

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