Today we started the work in a different way, we sat in a circle together with the partners and the artists.

It was Fabio’s turn to start the job looking for to explain what is the intent of the project and of the residence(s) they want. There was the collective presentation a group in my opinion very intersting made up of various actors, who however live in places other than their home for the most disparate reasons. By the way, this Fabio said that there should have been two other people that they couldn’t work with us because they weren’t given visas.

The quality of our work, of everyone, passes from this too. Fight for and with them as if they were with us. The physical work wasn’t arduous, it was more of knowledge (quite right) with the other new companions. Who seemed to me to be active and motivated. We hope it continues like this. We hope to reactivate.

Matteo Mele

This morning we started the day with the official presentation of Antigone in the Alberca theater. It was interesting to listen to everyone’s speeches from Fabio to that of the mayor, but I think a step forward towards understanding each other when, on Lewis’s instructions, we all embraced. It was a good start
In the afternoon, in the museum room, we started the artistic work with the Patuan chin, today it was important to do it because the body started working well together with the breath, in fact I warmed up well, I was sweating.
Then with the guide of Simonetta we started the work of the animals with the basic step of the tiger. Even in that case it’s always very interesting to see how your teammates approach each other, the resistances and the possibilities of overcoming them; and you also work on yourself because you can take from your mates.
In the last part of the work, however, we talked to Fabio about writing the memoirs and before leaving we started working on the tiger dance.
The final part of the work was to go on an excursion in the park of La Alberca where we reconnected a bit with nature. It was really interesting because I felt a huge sense of tranquility and the sounds that came lightened me more and more; from the song of different types of birds, to the wind in the branches, to the incessant sound of the water coming out of the stream.

Matteo Mele

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