Fundación de la Danza Alicia Alonso of Madrid UniversityRey Juan Carlos” (Spain) is a prestigious Ιnstitution that promotes education in Performing Arts (dance and theatre).

The Alicia Alonso Dance Foundation was created in 1997 and it hosts the Spanish Center of the International Theatre Institute.

The Foundation also has a Higher Institute called “Instituto Universitario de Danza Alicia Alonso” created in the year 2000, integrated into the public university Rey Juan Carlos” of Madrid.

The Foundation is responsible for 4 official bachelor degrees in Performing Arts, 3 postgraduate courses and a PhD program in Arts.

It stimulates the artistic creation through their different professional practice units like the dance company called “Ballet de Cámara de Madrid” active for already 25 years, the “Experimental Theater
” and the Circus Arts and Techniques Group.

The foundation has participated in many International projects including many European countries and others around the world for the last 10 years.

It also won many important awards like the “National Live Culture Award” (2005) declared as the best Spanish Artistic Higher Education Institution.

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