Today’s rehearsal began with the series of habitual movements that we usually do, specifically today, knowing the sequences has helped me to focus on the points where I had difficulties.  We have also made the complete “tiger”, and I can also focus on aspects such as focus or intention.  Later we remember the songs of the classmates and it continues to impress me how a song can move me so much without understanding their language.  To finish the morning rehearsals we went for a walk through the field to look for more materials and objects for our action.  It has been a very pleasant and relaxing walk as well as creative.
After eating some of us went to a shooting for the play and it was a very cool experience having to be very aware of the technique.  Later we joined the group and we were working individually on our actions, at first I felt a bit frustrated because nothing came out that made me feel satisfied but later I managed to get something interesting.  To end the day we were debating different topics due to asking Fabio our concerns, that moment made me think about how beautiful the work we are doing is, the good group connection that is being created and how lucky we are to be in this project.

Daniel Villa

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